Monday, January 4, 2010

My "Done" list

Today was a wonderfully productive day. Since days don't always feel like that (even the busy ones), I'm going to document it for myself. Then, I can look back on it during the scattered, chaotic days that end up accomplishing nothing.

Trust me...if anyone reads this can skip this boring post. The only person who could possibly care is me. :)

Today I:

- Got all three kids to the 9:00AM dentist appointment EARLY. $578 dollars later, I can cross that off my list.

- Simone got her first hair-cut. Aw. I did the whole "First Cut" certificate and photo package at Pigtails and Crewcuts, because I really needed to put her mullet out of its misery and wanted to commemorate the moment for her.

- Picked up my books on hold at the library. I've been looking at "pick up" email reminders for the last 10 days of vacation, so this felt good.

- I promised the kids toys for the dental visits, so I combined it with a McDonald's run. The Happy Meal toys count, right? They got to keep the apple dippers, and I got Steve 2 sets of nuggets and a burger for his lunch tomorrow.

- In the drive-through line, the cashier said to me: "Let me just came from Minnesota?" What the heck? I DID...and he meant all the salt caked on my car...but how in the world could he be so eerily specific? Does only Minnesota salt the roads? I assured him my next stop was the Car Wash, and indeed it was.

- Filled up with gas. I absolutely love that feeling, and I don't know why.

- Cleared out a bag of garbage from the van from our road trip. Yikes.

- Made a real lunch for my kids that required cooking, not just opening up a peanut butter jar.

- Took down ALL the Christmas stuff. I LOVE Christmas, but I love closing the book on Christmas too. Ready for a fresh chapter, and to get back into our routine. The tree is gone.

- First night of teaching. I even showered and blew-dry my hair. I'll save the ponytail for Weeks 2 and on.

- Put out the trash.

- Umm...I know there was more. Oh! Yes! Did laundry and even SORTED it.

- And finally...drumroll please...I deleted out everything from my email inbox. Not just randomly, I actually did the things in the emails. This can only happen between semesters, since I teach 12 online courses. Lots of emails. But right now, it's beautifully zen in my Outlook inbox. I will cherish it while I can.

I think that's it.

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