Sunday, January 3, 2010

The road more traveled

Agh, I've been swept into the insanity that a 50-hour-road-trip-that-went-incredibly-well-with-3-kids can do to someone with an insatiable, ravenous travel appetite.

I'm picturing my little ones in their mosquito nets, sleeping in hammocks in the Nicaraguan jungle. I'm forgetting the fleas, the e-coli, and the various parasites I brought home with me. I just remember the wonder of hearing foreign sounds and smelling foreign scents and knowing I could never get that if I stayed ensconced in my comfort zone.

E-coli. Fleas. We're not really ready. Right?

But GAW!!! They did so well. If they can do 16 hours in ONE DAY in the car with nary a fuss, doesn't that mean that Greece is just a small step away?

I might be projecting on them, but I sense their travel spirit. I'd look back at Simone...our teeny tiny traveler...staring out the window and just watching the landscape go by. She's still in a rear-facing car seat, staring at the gray upholstered seat, but no matter. She was just happy to be there. A few dried bananas. Artfully timed McDonald toys from my Magic Car Bag. And she was only irritated when she needed a new diaper.

So what does this mean for us? Are we ready for flights to Australia? Egypt? Steve has agreed to Peru and/or Costa Rica as the starter-trip. We know the language and the time zones won't throw us all into a tizzy. I'm a bit nervous to bring up the idea, but I think I need to capitalize on the glow we're both feeling.

One thing our trip did was took the fear from Steve's eyes when he thought about our 2 months on the road this summer. He actually uttered the words: "I'm pretty excited about the trip now."

My travel addiction runs deep. It's in my blood, my bones, my soul. His is just in his mind - the intellectual curiosity of seeing new things. So there's more room for fear when you enter in 3 small children.

I ought to be working, but I can't stop Googling for places to go. I need a 12-step program for travel. And "Dexter," but that's a whole 'nother post.

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