Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Andrew Doodles

Some notes from Andrew I want to remember, stolen from my Facebook status updates:

Feb 23, 2010:
Andrew (3) was terribly distraught that Jack had the "real" sword, and he had a wooden stick. Through tears of devastation (and a bit of hunger): "Without the sword, I'm just a kid with a toothpick! Not a Ninja Turtle!" Oh my goodness. "Just a kid with a toothpick"??? Where does he get these things?

Feb 21, 2010:
"I wish our car would break down so we could walk and push the car ALL the way home." Ummm....nice fantasy, kid. Thanks. This said as we were leaving the airport parking lot, a 20-minute drive away... so I'm quite thankful he doesn't have a personal genie. I never dreamed I'd fail my child by providing reliable transportation for our family.

Feb 18, 2010:
"You know what I like more than food, Dad? Swords." And trust me...if this kid likes something more than food, it's sayin' something. ;)

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