Thursday, February 4, 2010

Band of brothers

When the boys fight over something, I'm the Annoying Voice of Reason who asks: "What's more important...the Hello Kitty sippy cup or your relationship with your brother?"

And then they answer in a creepy Stepford monotone: "My relationship with my brother."

And then go back to fighting over the Hello Kitty sippy cup.

So there'd been all sorts of shrieks and fighting upstairs late afternoon (that's witching hour in our house, hence the post about the Commute From Hell). I was staying out of it.

Jack came down to find me, and I assumed it was to tell me tales of woe about something Andrew took from him. Instead he said:

"I'm going to save up all my allowance and buy a Bumblebee suit from Transformers. Andrew would LOVE to have a Bumblebee suit."

Seriously? I mean, that's great...but seriously?

I think at some soul level, they really *do* get that the relationship with their brother is more important than who has the blue light saber or the Hello Kitty sippy cup that isn't even theirs.

Or hearing a pause in the thuds and clamor upstairs and then Andrew's tiny voice saying: "Thank you, Jackie!" There are important things happening, even when it looks messy on the outside. Or at least, that's what I tell myself.

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