Thursday, February 4, 2010

Goody bag

Yesterday we threw a little Valentine's bash for the boys' friends from co-op and the AP group. The kids came over with Valentines to pass out. Mine had ones from the dollar store: Superman and Spiderman, of course. They were actually the purchase that sparked the party plan...and the fact that I found some Valentine's napkins from last year that I didn't want to bring through our move in April. :) Since I'm easily motivated to do a party, that's about the only motivation it took to grab a few people we hadn't seen enough lately and call it a party. ;)

We were going to make a heart-shaped pinata, but then I didn't go out in the snowstorm to get supplies, so we just made a makeshift one out of a grocery bag. I filled it with all sorts of non-candy odds-and-ends I've collected.

The kids exchanged the cards and did the pinata, and collected them in little lunch sacks. Jack (my kid with "gift-giving" as his love language) carried that little lunch sack around the rest of the day. Showed us little treasures at various intervals. Pulled out the cards for Steve when he got home. Slept with it next to him. And then was sorting through it again today.

These tiny little doodads (pencils, bouncy balls, plastic rings, spiders, stickers, etc) added up to be a bag of treasure for my sweet little guy. I remember that feeling as a child, looking through party favor bags. Heck, maybe I'd still feel that way if there were an adult-version pinata (ooh...need to note that for baby shower planning!). I do love doodads. And I know where Jack got his "gift giving" love language.

I was watching him across the room, sitting on the floor surrounded by his pinata-spoils and Valentine's cards...and got that wash of maternal love when I've done something for my children that resonates with them. Throwing that party meant something to him, and I got to make a memory for him that helps to fill in the color of his childhood. Andrew just loves seeing and playing with kids, but Jack adores special occasions and parties he's helped to plan. He'd even designed a game that we forgot to play in the joyous chaos of all the kids (thank goodness, he didn't seem to mind!).

Our last week has had a lot of crying and very little sleep, although last night everyone slept *strangely* well. Simone popped at least one tooth (maybe more, but she kicked my fingers out of her mouth when I was trying to check). The cabin fever of our 5-day snow-in finally lifted, and Andrew was back at Montessori this morning - back to routine. But despite any family-crabbiness and sleep deprivation, yesterday reminded me why it's worth going the extra mile sometimes.

There is nothing better than the look of pure joy/content on your child's face, I've learned. And knowing you helped to put it there.

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