Monday, February 8, 2010

I am grateful...

For my husband, who doesn't just tidy the kitchen, he makes it gleam. And he does it while holding a baby girl and rockin' out to themes from 80's movies on his iPod. I keep thinking it's not possible to love him more than I do, and then another day passes and I see how truly and deeply I hit the jackpot in marriage partners.

For my son Jack, who seems to forgive in a way I can't totally comprehend. With purity and mystical understanding, he'll just nod and give a warm smile as I apologize for my impatience or other current failing. He gets it. He knows I love him with every cell in my being, and seems to take the rest as just a non-event.

For Andrew, who loves and loves and loves some more...always big and colorful and LOUD and goofy. Who jumps down 5 stairs into my arms with only seconds notice, because that's just how he works. The scent of his sweet little hugs. How his clothes are consistently on backwards. How his teeny little voice breaks open the silence with words you don't expect. Those wise, warm eyes. I look into them and know that this little boy is going to do GREAT things.

And Simone...who speaks her rudimentary speech pattern, *knowing* what she's trying to say. And we repeat back what we think it is, and she just shakes her head and waits until we try again. "Carrot?" Another head shake. "Popsicle?" Um, nope. "Fig?" And then the ridiculously beaming, fake smile that she prefers over a simple "yes." I love this so much.

I sense that Simone's spirit is in full force behind this, which makes me love it even more. I look back on video or Jack or Andrew when they were tiny and think YES! That's him! How could we not have seen it? I see her in this. The big cheesy, over-dramatic, toothy smile. The sympathetic but supportive look of: "You finally figured it out, you crazy parents!" If she were taller, she'd pat us on the head.

Tonight, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I want to be the wife and mother that these incredible persons deserve. I want to be better, gentler, more fun, more perfect...and yet imperfect enough to give us all plenty to laugh about. Like when I bonked Andrew on the head, which he's spent 2 days re-creating with gales of laughter and his beautiful eye-crinkled smile.

Luckiest mama ever.

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