Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spectacular Doodleheads

The boys decided to sleep on their bedroom floor tonight. First, just Jack. I was snuggling Andrew into sleep, and Jack said: "Well, who will snuggle with me?"

I joked: "Not me! It's too hard on the floor." And then I saw his silhouette cross the room in the dark, pick up a comforter and pillow, and he made a softer bed on the floor for me.

Jack, my darling boy, that was so you.

Andrew, seeing the new bed, decided it would be even more perfect for him. So he burrowed into the floor-bed, and I laid down in the middle of their sacks. A love sandwich. Their breathy sweetness...the crunching of carrots on either side...the quiet calm.

Me: "I love you guys like crazy. YOU are my spectacular little doodleheads."

Andrew: "Can you maybe please not call me a doodlehead?"

"Sure. What should I call you instead?"

"Just Andrew."

"Then Andrew it is."

Jack, giggling: "Do you know what you just called us? You called us spectacular little doodleheads...which is like saying coloring-heads. Doodling is another word for color." And then laughed this lovely little laugh.

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