Monday, February 22, 2010


Within 6 months, Simone will no longer insert babble for half of her sentence, as a placeholder until she learns all the words she *really* wants to say. This makes me a bit sad. No, not sad. Wistful. Nostalgic in advance. Something else. It's just odd to see time march on, and close doors that will never open again. At some point, she'll have full dialogue with no trace of Baby.

Andrew will some day get all of his phonemes. He speaks these ridiculously articulate sentences, but missing key phonemes. I find this hysterically funny at times. Case in point, not so much for ridiculously articulate but for missing key phonemes:

"Mommy, Simone took my yawg."

"Huh? Your what?"

"Yawg. She took it."

"Your frog?"

"My YAWG."

[Insert a few more failed attempts]...and then Andrew with a mildly sympathetic and yet mildly patronizing "my crazy mom" face: "Come see."

Simone is holding a celery stick at the top of the stairs. Andrew, apparently, was saying "log" in, the key ingredient for "ants on a log."

She took his log.

Of course.


Motherhood is so, so weird.

I will miss those delinquent phonemes.

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