Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010's Sexiest Easter Bunny Alive

Love looks a lot different than it did when we were dating.  If that wasn't the case, I guess I'd be concerned we weren't evolving as a couple.  But when I walked in and saw the hot guy in my 9am class, I wasn't really thinking: "Wow, that looks like a man who would be willing to dress as a bunny for our family's Egg Hunt party someday." 

But really...that's when love came into full bloom.  When romance started looking all kinds of wonky.  But great wonky.

We had an Egg Hunt 2 years ago, and then skipped last year.  Jack and I were talking, and I learned that Easter was his favorite holiday.  He loves the egg hunt.  So...Holiday Freak that I am, of course we're having a Family Egg Hunt.  And likely will yearly, until my kids are old enough to say it's totally lame and they're going out with their friends to do something cool instead.

I reserved a pavilion at Fun Forest, the most fabulous park in town (says me...but I was reserving it, so there was no one to argue with me).  And then in a bout of insomnia, I was researching the rental price of a bunny suit.  When a quick look at Amazon made me realize that buying a suit was cheaper than renting, all the stops were pulled out.

There were several weeks of bribing, eyelash-batting, all out begging and pleading for him to wear the suit.  When he asked (quite reasonably) why I didn't wear the suit, I reminded him that my role was to socialize and be a gracious host.  Heehee.  Besides, I'm too clumsy to wear a suit like that. ;)

Reluctantly he agreed, once I told him the Facebook profile pic would be funny...and: "Think of the children."

As he waited in the forest about to make his debut, he told me later he kept saying on repeat: "This is for the boys. This is for the boys."

This is what love looks like, ladies and gentlemen.  When you marry me, you kinda sign up to dress in costumes for most major holidays and birthdays.   ;)

And Pre-Party eye-rolling and sarcasm aside, there has never been a better Easter Bunny in the history of the world.  He was chatty and funny and challenged the children to race the bunny.

I love this man.  I would have loved him even if he flat out refused to humiliate himself in the name of Easter.  But what I love about him is that he'll go above and beyond the call of duty to bring a smile to his children's (and his wife's) face.  And that he really and truly LOVED being the bunny, and bringing joy to all those sweet little kids.

I don't know what I did to deserve a weekend as phenomenal as this was...or a man who loves his family in all sorts of crazy ways...but I'm feeling so grateful to be living this wonky, silly, costume-filled life.

Pictures posted later.  All the joy of this weekend sorta sucked this energy out of my body, so I have only the energy to lie in bed with a goofy grin on my face.  I need more of those weekends. ;) 

Happy Early Easter, everyone.

Edited to add photo of Love in a Bunny Suit:

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