Friday, March 12, 2010

The Burp God

I have had an entirely terrible attitude today.


I'll say a crabby sentence and then apologize. Then say another. Apologize again. I'm like the Mommy who cried "wolf" and everyone is going to stop listening to me.

Today was the condition-inspection on our house, since it's starting to be shown to prospective renters. So our house had to be show-ready inside and out. Since it's just starting up, there were tons of front-end fix-its and paint touch-ups and what-nots. Many, many what-nots.

And you know, I was actually having an amazing week. That girls'-weekend last weekend re-fueled my tank, so I was patient and calm and adorable most of the week.

But then Steve and I stayed up WAY too late getting things ready for today.

The kids all needed me far too early this morning. I need food! ... Can I snuggle? ...Simone took my toy!

I was racing around vacuuming and washing dishes and wiping tables and...many things. And then I'd turn around and someone had dumped their bowl of food on the floor. It's like shoveling while it's still snowing.

In the car on the way to Jack's co-op, I let out a big, exhausted sigh.

Andrew: "What's wrong, Mommy?"

Me: "I hate feeling this way. I just need to embrace that life is suffering. Buddha was right."

Jack: "Huh? Who's Buddha?"

Me: "A religious figure who says that once we accept that life is hard, we'll just figure out how to deal with it and not expect it to be different. Getting the house ready for the inspection is hard, but so what? It will be over soon. I need to have a better attitude."

Jack: "Well, you know what my Burp God says?" And let out a big burp.

Nice. I'm pretty sure I deserved that. perhaps teach me more clearly that Life Is Suffering, the property managers forgot about the inspection. So I was standing there in my cleaned out, sparkling house with a teething/crying babe in the Ergo and no one there.

They're coming at 3:30 now...3 hours after the original time. And then it will be over.

Inspections are suffering. BUT. When it's over, our house will look amazing, everything will be ready for the move-out, and we can have Family Movie Night in the white-glove-testable living room.

Not often that happens. ;)

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