Friday, March 26, 2010

Chauffeuring Kant and Asimov

There's not a 10 minute period that goes by while driving, when I'm not fielding existential questions about life/death/birth from Andrew or being a sounding board for invention ideas from Jack. It is hands-down my favorite part of motherhood....but is non-stop.

And it is mind-blowing how deep that need is in them - to question, contemplate, ponder, poke at every single topic. Walking down the street, how we need to stop for every intriguing detail along the side of the road...but the thing is, it's all intriguing.

I keep telling myself not to rush them...let them just take in the world, and leave enough time for the questions. But left to their own devices, they could sit and absorb a single leaf for a very, very, very long time. Where it came from, what dinosaurs might have eaten it, what the shape of the leaf looks like (usually some type of weaponry for Andrew)....etc etc etc. "We need to go" is likely going to be a permanent fixture in my Mothering language.

It's time-consuming to be so curious!

They were in the sandbox today, and I went out to say "hi" and check on them. Within 30 seconds flat, I found myself immersed in a conversation with Andrew about where life began and who grew the FIRST persons in their uterus if they were the first persons. Dude, he's barely 3 years old. He's stabbing at the sand with his shovel, asking me these questions about the creation of life. The questions always come out of the I know he's thinking about these things, even beyond what I'm seeing.

And in that same parallel sandbox moment, there's Jack outlining the detailed specifics of inventing a world where there are only planes and no cars...but not just that, it was the orchestration of how it would all work. The most intricate details of planning, including "inventing" an air traffic control tower...which he didn't know was already created. I could see this vision in his head, buzzing around, and how he's completely enraptured by imagination. I love it, love it, love it.

It's intoxicatingly exciting to watch them grow and evolve, and what marvelous things come out of their little minds. But then I look over at Simone and shudder to think of our car conversations in a year or so.

Steve assures me by then they can bounce more things off each other. I hope that's true. Because right now, there's not really room in the endless stream of curiosity and questions and existential wonderings and inventiveness for any other players in the game. :)

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