Saturday, March 27, 2010

If I could hermetically seal today, I would. Package it up, put a bow on it, store it in the attic. Peer in on it sometimes, just to smell its lovely scent and gaze on it. Okay, I couldn't smell much if it were hermetically sealed, but you get the idea.  I loved today!  And it's not even over.  Even better.

Steve and I woke up in bed this morning with no children in there too.  Odd.  This must mean that 3 of 3 children slept through the night.

That in itself is perfect, but there's more.

We cordially invited the Easter Bunny to come early to our we could celebrate Springtime Easter this weekend (egg hunt tomorrow), and Spiritual Easter next weekend, where we think of ways to give back to humanity. So the boys went to bed with eager, childhood delight. I forgot to dress them in their Easter PJs, so I set them outside their bedroom door.

We heard rustling outside the door this morning, and then Jack's voice saying: "Simone, do YOU want to see your surprises? They're downstairs! Andrew got a camping knife too."

Whoops. So much for the Kodak moment of my sweet little cherubs running towards their baskets. Apparently in their childhood-delight, they forgot to wake up Mom and Dad.  Ah well.

I woke up Steve and then opened the door, and there was Jack meticulously buttoning up Andrew's Easter PJ top. He was already wearing his own.

I looked back at Steve, still in bed, and we just smiled at each other - at these sweet little miracles outside of our door. There is nothing more romantic (and I truly mean this), then lovin' on your babies with the guy who helped make them.  And seeing that look in your husband's eyes that he adores your kids with the same fascinated wonder.  It's nice to have a partner in being so nuts about these little dudes.  They all came bounding into bed, and if I had to pick only 5 minutes from the day, it might have been these pajama-clad Crazies crawling over us. 

We went downstairs and took a bunch of pictures of their Easter morning, then loaded them up with the strawberries the Bunny left, then dressed quickly to get out to Williamsburg by 9:30. Er...9:40. We were 10 minutes late to Jack's class.

It was the end of his William and Mary SEP program, so the class put on their little presentation and we saw the final projects.

I've decided that maternal pride could possibly kill you, it's so intense and so physical. It's funny to look back and think of my parents maybe feeling this feeling. It actually hurts, that overwhelming joy at seeing what your child has done...the heart they put into they create and are building this life outside of you.

Very cool.

I never thought I'd be so riveted by a math presentation by a group of 5-year-olds, but y'know...I'd rather do that than a Broadway show any day. And Jack's swimming pool he built was adorable.

Next up, Presidents Park.  We thought we were going as a big joke, and there were certainly a lot of giggles. Mostly Steve and me.  I don't think the kids understood the ridiculousness of all of our presidents in 18-foot busts.

But after a few choice photos with our favorite presidents (yes, we're nerds...we have favorite presidents), we started actually reading the plaques with a more reverent spirit.  And were both blown away by how seriously awesome the legacy of the position really is.  How many great men were represented there.  Oddly enough, what made it feel like a joke (giant president heads) was what ended up making it even more significant. We loved it!

And, I got to hang out with 3 of my favorite red-heads in history: Jack, Andrew, and Jefferson. 

Tonight, Steve is taking Jack to the theater performance (thanks to Terri for the tix) and I'm going to chill at home with my Littles.  Tomorrow, Jack has Russian and then our Egg will decide if it's at the park or at our place, but either way, I'm so excited.  Holidays are my favorite way to experience childhood with/for my children.

This weekend is about as perfect as life gets.

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