Saturday, March 20, 2010

Law-Abiding Citizens

We pulled up to a toy store, a small little boutique with hand-made items, because I wanted to take a look at something to get ideas for a project I'm doing (or not doing...but maybe I'll do it at some point...). ;) If any place had hand-knit knights' helmets, this would be the place.

Anyhoo, I wanted to prepare the boys that this was a no-purchase toy store run. "Hey, you guys? When we're in the toy store, we're not going to..."

Jack (5y): "Sword-fight with hangers? Talk about having diarrhea?"

Me: "Well, um..."

Andrew (3y): "Punch people in the back? Shove them out the door?"

Jack: "And NO killing people. Or farting."

Andrew: "Cough? Or if we do cough, cover it with our elbow?"

Jack: "Say potty words? Pick our nose?"

Andrew: "No touching plants?"

Jack: "And NO spitting."

Andrew: "...Say we love anyone? Because I only love Daddy...and Simone...and you...and Jackie."

Me: "What about your grandpas and grandmas?"

Andrew: "Oh. Yeah. Them too."

Me: "Actually, I was just going to say that we're not buying any toys."

Jack: "Oh, okay. That's alright, then."

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