Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Simone under fire

Simone is such a spunky monkey.

I mean that in a good way. But wow. She is spunky, indeed.

How much is age and how much is Simone is such a complicated equation right now, as I learned watching my elder 2 move through their phases. The foot stomps and Grumpy Face is likely being an 18-mo-old primate. I get that. But oh my!

How she says "no" in a thousand different ways is also equal parts charming and terribly annoying. My favorite is her thoughtful headshake and then: "Nyope. Nyo." It's calmish and she looks so wise and grown-up when she says it. But since it's the answer to something like "Hey, everyone, it's time to get in the car!"...well, it's not super helpful.

What you want in a grown child isn't always the easiest to parent, I learn on a daily (er...minutely) basis. You want a grown child who is creative and independent and has a mind of their own. One who delves into their passions and loves experiencing new things.

Or at least, I hope for that. It seems the best way to spend our one go-round on Earth.

But condense that into an 18-month-old little girl, and suddenly you have a creature drawing all over your walls, insisting that she can walk into the street by herself, and isn't really a fan of being belted into carseats.

I understand. I do. There's this whole big world you can't wait to chase down, my dear, and I'm cramping your style. But please...please...can we just buckle you in without histrionics?

I can feel the grooves of her back molars under her red, swollen gumline. I know she's not feeling 100% right now, even with the teething gel. There's that.

And, I know she's working through Her Stuff to get to the other end of the autonomy phase...so that one day, I'll get postcards from the Great Wall of China signed "Simone."

We have the same vision, Simone and I. We both want her to be a feisty, adventurous, independent spirit. The path to get there is just a bit rocky at this point.

I love you, sweet Simone. It will get better soon, I assure you.

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