Monday, March 15, 2010

Up in the Air

I was getting Planet Hulk at Redbox for Jack, as it was *finally* available after a month of his patient waiting. And then I saw George Clooney had a new movie, so I added that to my cart too. Besides my darling husband, he might be one of the most beautiful persons in the world.


Turns out, Up in the Air was actually an oddly appropriate movie for us, as it was all about prioritizing life and what is really important. His "what's in your backpack" analogy seemed strangely timed with our thrust to purge our things and make our family unit more portable, less tied down to stuff and geography.

In the beginning, he felt like people and things were both clutter that distracted from real living. I tend to think that the more I fall in love with the persons in my life, the less the Stuff matters. Now that I have my three children and my husband on-board, nothing else matters much at all. Photos of those loved ones, perhaps, and mementos gathered along the way to remind me of special times. Explains why I'm dumping most of my belongings but just bought a new, nice camera. But the rest feels irrelevant.

Maybe it's just the comparison, though. I don't think things are evil...and it's not even an anti-materialism. Just that when considered along the value of my family, everything else seems disposable and not worthy of hoarding. Simplifying our stuff makes it easy to delve into family. Our house being so cleaned out and de-Stuffed has created this really calming back-drop. I think that's why the weekend went so well.

Everything in moderation. We'll find the balance. When things are in the right order of priority and attention, you just know. Things feel right. At peace. We're definitely getting there.


Rambling Rachel said...

I didn't know Up in the Air was at RedBox. Now I have to go get it. I have been WANTING to see that movie.

Moderation should be a slogan, don't you think?

Sarahbeth said...

Yes, it should! Moderation is the key to everything. :) I hope you like the movie...I was impressed, although I had no idea what to expect (didn't know a thing about it, except that it had GC in it). ;)