Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend at home

So we had a one-hour aborted playdate this morning, leaving in a flurry when Andrew said his stomach felt sick. What was supposed to be an active day just got very, very quiet... very, very suddenly. The boys are chilling in front of a movie, which makes me think something might be up with Jack, too. My children don't chill in front of movies, even when bribed, unless exhausted from busy stretches or sick.

If we've come under the spell of stomach flu, I'm glad it didn't permeate our weekend, as we had an absolutely lovely weekend. Just the right mix of scheduled fun and relaxed lounging. Children playing outside in the back for hours on end. Steve and I got some long stretches to chat and rest and even watch an entire movie without interruption.

Yay for children getting older.

We realized that it was the first time in 4 weeks we've all been together, just us, and everyone home. We were at the Russian camp, then my dad here for the weekend, then Steve gone, then me. All were great weekends in their different ways, but none were just quiet at-home weekends. Well, minus our Saturday morning in Williamsburg, but that's just an hour away.

We need more of these non-event weekends. With family trips to Sam's Club and mornings in the park and Sunday afternoon movies. Nice. Relaxing. Perfect.

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