Wednesday, April 7, 2010

All laughed out

Waking up early to drive into the city during rush hour to see Body World was a tough task for non-morning-person me, but it was so worth it to see my boys' faces in awe at the figures.  Completely unconcerned by the creepiness of the cadavers, they just fell in love with all of it.  And since it was early morning on a weekday, we had the exhibit to ourselves.  So we could linger as long as we wanted, exclaim as loudly as (they) wanted, and just take in the exhibit on our own terms. 

There was a preserved female cadaver with a baby in her uterus, cut open to see everything.  The boys were stunned and deeply interested.  "I was like that?"  We'd talked about it so many times, but the seeing of it.  You can't get those things in textbooks. 

And then 6 hours at the Franklin Institute, including carrying Simone during her entire nap in the back carrier.  At the end, I feared I'd have to be carried out.  My feet felt like they could fall off.  We made paper and climbed through a giant heart and learned about electricity and watched a sheep heart dissected.  So much more.  It's hard to believe all those things were in one day.  And at one museum!

The heart dissection.  Jack was in the front row of the crowd of people, chin resting on the dissection table to get a closer look. Eyes wide...just staring, amazed.  There were several parents in the group pressuring their child to be quiet, to listen.  The children didn't care.  And then Steve and I were chasing after the two Littles, who were climbing through giant artery tunnels.  It didn't matter to us whether Jack cared, but we were going to stay for him.  Jack came to find me at one point, ecstatic and breathless.  "They are about to open it up!"  And then running back to take his place again, chin on the table. The sheer delight.  He didn't want me to miss it.

Was it because we weren't invested in his interest that he was liberated into caring?  I wonder that often with him.  That passion he feels about learning everything and anything, I hope that it never ever goes away.

The early morning and the feet-falling-off were worth when Jack said:

"I'm pretty sure that I cannot laugh one more time today.  I laughed too much."

And Andrew said, as I was tucking him into bed:

"My favorite part was seeing the brain.  That was really awesome.  Really awesome.  That dead guy, we could see his brain." And his voice sounded amazed beyond measure.

I love my children.  And doing things like this with them, for them, are my absolute favorite elements about parenting.  Creating experiences, developing memories.

And laughing so much you don't have ONE more laugh left.

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