Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Blah blah blah. Lots of unrelated things for which I'm grateful.

I'm feeling at peace.  Joyful.  Calm.  And the fact that we're a week away from Moving Day and our temporary quarters just fell through...well, I might also have a smidge of "insane" thrown in.  But when I look around my family, I just have this sense that everything is going to be great.  Fabulous, even.  Even if we end up living in a hotel room for a month or so. :)  And Mr. Stability doesn't care that our temporary quarters fell through, so we must have sipped the same spiked kool-aid.

There's a lot for which to be thankful.  My in-laws are coming in tonight.  And seeing them love on my babes reminds me of yet another reason I married Steve.  I got some stinkin' awesome in-laws.   And not just because they agreed to watch our babies while we go away for TWO NIGHTS ALONE.  Holy cow.

I'm grateful for Andrew, who brought me several bouquets of "flowers" from our backyard today...each time with gusto and beaming pride.  How much he loves the very presence of me.  Hugs and snuggles and "I love yous" every time I pass him in the hall.  This boy enchants me to no end.  The love that pours out of him!   When his toddler-self eclipses the True Andrew and I just see the growing pains of autonomy, I can worry sometimes.  Wondering if the 3-year-old self is who he's going to be.  And then there are days like this, where I can just breathe a sigh of relief that he appears to be a loving, gentle, warm, giving little guy.  I can't wait to see him take the world by storm with that huge heart of his.

For Simone, who can drive me bonkers with her streak of ravage independence, but also makes me so deeply thrilled that she has that sense of self to care about doing and growing and evolving.  I do it!  It's definitely inconvenient.  But it's working.  She astounds me with her fearlessness.  Her precocious ability to climb things and maneuver playground equipment and speak her mind.  There's some fire in that tiny little girl, and it's going to bring her to great places.

At the birthday party today, she discovered the little bathroom off the party room at My Gym.  I turned around for a minute, and she'd started pulling off her pants and diaper to use the toilet.  In the middle of the party, my 20-month-old was stripping.  This vision of seeing her across the room, de-robing for the toilet, smacked so much of "Simone."

Some kids have to be bribed and rewarded to use the toilet. Miss Independent is going to use that darned toilet despite her mother's begging to just go in a diaper.  Her bathroom process is so irritatingly involved that I hate using public bathrooms with her.  She doesn't want a lick of help, and she insists on standing on the toilet like a surfboard.   She also has a gross overuse of toilet paper (like...toilet-clogging amounts, if left to her own devices).  And she wants to wash her own hands, despite being freakishly little.

Seriously, please use diapers.  Or allow for some maternal assistance.


I will survive to their adulthood.  And I will love, love, love where all these traits take them.  But it's going to be an interesting ride, I can tell.

I suppose that's the only way I'd want it, in the end.

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