Friday, April 2, 2010

Bringing my blog into the 21st century

So I keep getting feedback that I have the most low-tech, underutilized blog ever, and I apologize for how clueless I am.  If it helps to give a context, I have sent only ONE text message in my life.  It was to my friend Lauren about where to find my car in the parking took me 15 minutes to type it using my old-fashioned flip-phone...only to realize that I have no text-message service and I just had to call him.

So there you go.

Yes, I teach online classes...but that just requires email, newsgroups, and internet access.  I can do Track Changes in Word and send attachments...doesn't that count for something?  I just started bloggy-blogging to document stories for my kiddos...but I'm delighted to share our life happenings with anyone interested in following along with our chaos.  Didn't mean to run you through the gauntlet to read it. :)

The most common complaints are that you can't comment to my posts (huh...I thought you could?) and that there's no email subscription thingy.

I *think* I have remedied these things, but I have no clue.  If you try them and it doesn't work, holler. I'll see what I can do.  I don't want to aggravate anyone trying to read my blog.  All 4 of you.  Dad, now you can get them through email...I think.

I'm happy you're all here, and I want to make you joyful from the experience. :)  Even if that joy is just from laughing at my terrible, no good, very bad days...and being glad it's not your day.

But, occasionally I throw in a cute kid picture for your troubles.    Or this one.  How could you *not* want to follow the life of a family that dresses up in Spiderman suits for a 3-year-old son's birthday?  I mean, seriously!  Ridiculous.


Hyacynth said...

Love it, Sarahbeth!! I've been leaving comments all along. Have you been getting them?

Hyacynth said...

Oh, and maybe the Google Friend Connect Followers app? That would be great! Putting you on my blog roll now that I know for sure you're welcoming more readers.

Sarahbeth said...

Yes I had! I love your comments. I guess I had only registered readers allowed or something...anyway, it was limited. As you can see, I'm not blog-savvy. :) So I'd get emails with the message someone wanted to leave in the comments. ;) LOL. So what does the friend connect app do?