Monday, April 12, 2010


Jack asked if I could draw him a horse, as he's been trying to figure out how to make the legs a certain way.  I did, but the head was a bit...odd.

Jack took a look at it and said, "Nice job, Mom.  The only thing is...that head sort of looks like a dog head."  And then: "Hey!  I know!"  And proceeded to label my picture Dorse.  "It's a dog-horse!  Dorse!"

If you give this kid a dog-headed horse, he makes the best of the situation.  I like that about him.  And quite frankly, it looked exactly like a dog-head.

Also for the memory books:  Jack peeing the word "MOM" on the wooden fence last night.  How sweet.  Nothing says "love" from a 5-year-old boy more than your name scripted in urine.  :)

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