Friday, April 9, 2010

Farmer's Market

It's amazing to me how much I dislike (dislike!) going to the grocery store with children.  I do it.  And I survive.  And it's definitely getting better now that there are no infants in my crew.  But still.  It's not super awesome.

But going to the Farmer's Market!  With all three!  I love it!

Weird, huh?

I imagine it's the sunshine and fresh air, in large part. That helps any errand go more smoothly.  But it's also less overstimulating.  Do you want the sweet potatoes or the regular ones?  Not 10 different types of potatoes, with several brands per type.

Every time I go to the market, I come home feeling really rejuvenated.  I broiled salmon and  zucchini from the market, and I added some chickpeas.  Chopped it all up and stirred it together with garlic, salt and olive oil.  Dinner was ready so quickly, and it felt healthy and clean.  And tasted great!  We ate out on the patio, then the children ran around in the back with Steve while I did the dishes. A great evening, and I felt like picking up dinner at the market made the whole process feel like an experience and not just a chore.

Something about the market just stirs my Springtime senses.  The colors and smells and walking with the kids from one tiny store to the next stall.  And feeling like I'm giving business to these hard-working individuals, instead of just a large corporation.  Some of those persons actually picked the berries that I'm paying them to eat.  An added bonus that makes the whole experience even better, although I also stopped by Harris Teeter today.  So we collect our food in all sorts of ways. :)

But the market is my favorite, hands-down.

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