Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Room 245

We're in a hotel room in Philly right now.  Steve had Dental Visit Part 2 today, as they separated exam and cleaning.  I go at noon.  Since Steve took the car to the dentist, we're in the hotel room all morning. 

It's fascinating to watch children make do in a room where there's very little to do, on the surface level.

Right now, they are all three in the tub.  They are filling ziploc gallon bags with water and dumping them on each others head.  Gales of laughter.  I don't even understand where they conjure up some of these things!  How gallons of poured water relate to being a "crazy cake making factory"...I have no clue. 

Earlier, they were using their shoes as space ships and sitting the little action figures inside of them.  This passed about an hour.  I could hear the excited babble between the boys, scheming and dreaming on behalf of their action figures, but I didn't really pay attention to it.  I just felt all melty inside that they were having so much fun just being.

I sliced bananas and smeared them with almond butter and poured some frozen cherries into bowls and other peripheral things.  But other than that, my presence was irrelevant.  It was so much fun to see how much they could create on their own.  Talking into the air conditioner.  Hiding in the closet, all three huddled in there whispering.

It makes me wonder sometimes, why we bother doing things like taking them to the Children's Museum today.  If they can have this much fun with a bathtub, shoes, air conditioners and closets?  But it's definitely the novelty that stirs them.  They love being in new places...seeing new things....hiding in new closets.

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