Friday, April 16, 2010


Motherhood rewards in unexpected ways. Like cleaning up the kitchen and finding a little shopping list written in 5-year-old scrawling that says:

- Bnanas
- Upulee
- Frozin Froot
- Bloobirees

"Upulee" is "a pulley." On my way out to dinner with friends last night, he shouted out the door: "Can you get me clay and a pulley?"


And then I ducked into about 10 different stores, attempting to find a pulley.  No pulleys. Literally 3 minutes before Target closed, I darted into the craft aisle and bought some clay. Tonight Steve went out with him and got the pulley.

I don't always know where the ingredients are headed (why am I buying clay?), but I've learned not to care.  Just buy the Stuff and watch him unfold.

And hearing his sweet little voice in the kitchen this morning saying, "This is the BEST clay ever"?  Well worth the irritated looks from Target workers wondering why the heck I was darting in just before close. ;)

This sweet little shopping list is definitely going in the memory box.

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