Monday, May 17, 2010

Apparently, Target rocks

On Friday, I loaded up 3 trash bags of donation clothes that I don't really like.  And came home from Target with a little sack of all my summer clothes for the year.  And in doing so, I had a life epiphany that brings me great joy.

I've been a different size/shape every summer for the last 6 years.  Pregnant, just recently un-pregnant, whatever.  It's time to unload all the "souvenir clothes" and just own the things that are perfect for this weight, this season.

I had no idea that Target rocked so much.  I used to think their clothes were pricey for being cheap quality.  TJ Maxx seemed better on both counts.  BUT...there was something quite wonderful about finding a rack with a pair of gray cropped ones...brown ones...all in any size you want.  No picking through random assortments.  Just good ol' basic clothes.

Life changing.

I have my new summer uniform - one of my 4 tank tops and one of my 3 cropped pants.  Every day.  If you see me regularly, expect to be very sick of my outfit by summer's end. 

I think "Monk" was on to something.  It's like a school uniform.  But a "mom uniform."  No thinking.  Just sleepily grab a tank top and some shorts and flip flops every day.

I love summer!

From now on, I will go out on a shopping trip to jump start the summer.  Buy my tank tops and pants that fit me that summer.  Not care if they last me 2 decades.  Why I kept trying to buy nice quality summer clothes, I have no clue.  I'm too messy, too something to have clothes last that long.  I'd rather hike and beach the life out of a tank top and then just replace it the next summer.

When I realize new better ways to do things in my life, there is some irritation about how off-base I've been before.  Why was I was wearing 15 year old T-shirts that I didn't really like, and safety pinning my pants at the waist because they didn't really fit?  No clue.

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