Friday, May 28, 2010

Fixing DNA

In the car, Jack (6 weeks shy of six) was asking about why Grandma Lynn's body was attacking itself and broke it down (Muscular Dystrophy).  I told him it was something in her DNA.  Even though it didn't happen until later, it was there all along.  And that it wasn't going to happen to his body, since it wasn't in our DNA. 

He told me when he grew up, he was going to be a scientist that fixes DNA, so they don't get diseases like Grandma Lynn.  This, of course, made me cry and wish I could have called my mom to tell her.  I love, love, love the empathic spirit in this little soul.

But then, I was beyond intrigued when he kept talking:  "So the scientists, they test it on people, right?  Test it on their DNA to see if it works?"

"Yes, I guess that's true."

"So I'll need to choose people who hate their bodies and don't mind if they die.  Then if it doesn't work, they don't mind that it killed them?"

It was an unsettling thought, but I see what he means. 

But beyond the specifics, what intrigues me about him is that strategic thought.  To move down the process several steps...deciding to fix the bodies' DNA, then how that would work, the need to test it, what if it doesn't work...all in just a few moments.  And then come to the conclusion that the test subjects need to not care if the test fails and breaks their body.


Hard to explain in words, I guess.  But I wanted to write it down for myself. 

I can see him entering a whole new level of abstract thought, now that we're in the 6-week stretch to his birthday.  I love these growth spurts.  I don't like the fussiness and weird emotional stuff that comes along with the growth spurts, but seeing these slivers of new type of makes it all worth it.

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