Monday, May 24, 2010

"It's about trends..."

Every Spring, my students' motivation goes in the toilet.  I assume they're out enjoying sunshine and doing more interesting things than financial models for Econ. :)  I don't blame them.

There's a huge surge of emails and apology voice mails this time of year, for poor performance in the last few days or week.  And so I can type this reply at lightening speed:

"No worries.  This happens to all of us during our education, I assure you. Everyone has an 'off week.'  Your final grade will be based on trends and not one-time events.  Just keep moving forward!"

I typed it 5 times tonight.   And on the 4th or 5th one, something clicked in me.  This is what I need sent to me some days, as a mother. 

We all have off weeks.  Or days we don't love motherhood.  But what does the trend look like?  What's the big picture of how our children are treated and viewed? When they think about their mom and how they were loved, what will they remember? 

If I focus more on the trends, I can feel much more confident of how things are going.  I love how my children find joy in things, how they treat people, their boundless curiosity.  I have a sense I'll feel triumph over the final product, even if there were a few "missing assignments" along the way. :)

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