Friday, May 14, 2010

Taking stock of the storage unit

What we've bought since moving to minimalism:

-A chocolate fountain.  Minimalist?  Nope.  But it fits with our more clearly stated life goal, which is to have a fabulous time in life. ;) Plus, we could think of about 5 occasions in the next 3 months that could use one, so we'll run it into the ground even if we keep it a year.  If anyone wants to borrow a chocolate fountain, you know whom to call.
- A DSLR camera.  I figure if we're trying to have more experiences and less "stuff," we might have more things to photograph.  Plus, I'm seeing I actually really, really love taking pictures.
-Flip video camera (still in transit from Amazon, so I can't yet review).  The size of a cell phone!  When I found out that the cameras now are 1/10 of the size of our 6 year old one and still work great, it seemed silly not to get one.  When we go on trips, this won't take up half my carry-on. :)

What we're keeping that surprised me:

- The crystal vase.  I'm going to start buying flowers on my weekly Trader Joe's run.  We need more flowers in our lives.
- The rocking chair.  I kinda think my kids are outgrowing needing to be rocked, but I'm not sure I'm ready to say good-bye.  Plus, it doesn't take up that much space...right?
- The Easter Bunny suit.  I know.  Ridiculous.  We have one mixing bowl and limited utensils, but we own an Easter Bunny suit?  But man, did that bring some joy!  Experiences AND minimalism.  We're going to dance to our own drummer, it appears. :)

What we're contemplating giving away:

-The oak rolltop desk.  Am I keeping it because it was my mom's, or because I really need/want it?  It's heavy and hard to move and we don't really use it.  I need to sort through that one still, so it's in storage.
- The nice framed pictures for the wall.  Still not sure on that one.
- Christmas decorations.  Toughie.  I love that stinkin' holiday. I need to sort through the boxes with a more editing eye.  All those homemade ornaments from the kids, though?  Keeping those for-ever.
- My first-ever crocheted blanket.  {sigh}  It's the most terrible crochet job EVER.  Words cannot describe how bad. We don't really use it.  But I think of all that time and love I put into it (even with the horrendous end result), and it seems complicated to just unload it. 
- That miniature cleaning set I spent buying.  Child-sized broom, mop, etc.  Then my boys turned the handles into swords, unscrewing them from their tops, and I kept finding them all over the house.  Maybe Simone would want them, I'm not sure. Amer's little girl might like them, so we'll see.

My Puritanical frugal side cluttered up my need to streamline my things, I'm realizing, as weeding through our storage unit and pulling out the Someday We Might Want Its really dumped out quite a bit.  If someone else can use them now, I want to trust our future more.  Trust that we do have the means to replace the Big Purging Regrets...even as I also have faith that we won't really regret these things.  If they go to the right home, those decisions will always feel good.

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