Saturday, May 1, 2010

"To toilet"

Simone (20mo) and her little purse are quite a love affair.

I love how she hoists it over her shoulder and walks purposefully towards the door or into the other room.  Like she's going somewhere important. 

Today, she was walking around with no clothes.  Mainly because we're in the new place and she has no clue where her clothes are yet - or else we'd have been on her 10th clothing change of the day. ;)

She came over to collect her purse, put it over her shoulder, and walked across the room saying over her shoulder, "Bye-bye, Mommy."  As if she was heading out to the store to grab some bananas.

"Yeah?  Where you goin'?"

"To toilet."

And indeed, she did. 

I love this little girl so much.  That sentence doesn't even begin to describe it. 

I fall in love with her, her spirit, more every day. And this tiny naked creature, wearing a baby pink purse and headed to the toilet with grand importance, makes me feel honored to be her mommy. 

The places these little ones can take your heart...

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