Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ballerina class?

This afternoon, we were making a lists of things to do this summer.  Jack was writing his own and Andrew was dictating his to me.  When Jack was done, he had Simone dictate her list to him....but she was like a broken record, repeating "Swim.  Swimming.  Swim." 

Jack was getting a bit exasperated by the repitition, since he "already wrote 'swimming' down, Simone." So he said to her: "Would you like to take a ballerina class, Simone?"

Simone shouted "NO!" and blew a 'raspberry' in his face (really quite funny, in person).

Jack: "But Simone!  A ballerina class would be so much fun for you!  I'VE even taken one, and I loved it!"

Me: "Huh?  When did you take a ballerina class?"

Jack: "Mom.  I was just trying to inspire her."

 (Maternal tutorial about truthful inspiration followed, of course) :)

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