Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big Brothers

Emerson (my dad's dog) came running out of a bedroom barking, scaring the poo out of Simone, who was standing in the hallway.  I was out there in about 2 seconds to pick her up, but her shriek of primal panic terrified the boys who were standing nearby. 

A little while later, I was hunting down Andrew.  I found him in the back bedroom, lying next to Emerson and talking in hushed tones.

"What are you doing, Andrew?"

"I'm just talkin' to Emerson.  Asking him to not scare my sister.  Would that be a good idea?"

And then Jack was trying to help her be unafraid of Emerson.  They disappeared in the back room for a few minutes, then he came out exclaiming: "Simone pet Emerson 10 times!  Ordinary petting, not afraid ones." 

She is a very lucky girl to have so much Big Brother love, I'd say.

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