Friday, June 11, 2010

But apparently, not New Jersey

I was lying next to Jack in bed, chatting before he fell asleep.  We were talking about our day and how there are so many fun things to do in life.  We went to a water park again and watched a movie and went to My Gym. 

Jack said, in this wistful voice that I understand on a soul level:  "I want to go everywhere in the world.  I want to go to China soon.  Maybe New Jersey.  Nah, maybe not New Jersey. Definitely Russia. I want to see everywhere."

His words just wasn't just phrases, it was this Thing seeping out of his spirit.  I recognized it and I got tingles as he spoke. 

I know that feeling, kid.

It's funny how these things show up in our children.  Is it nurture? Watching me look at maps, gaze adoringly at globes, talk about places we'd like to see?  It is nature? Something in his wiring that wants to see and experience everything out there?

I really like this little boy.  I love him to the depths of my being and beyond, because he is my son.  But more than that, I really like him.  His laugh, his wise insights, his love for doing things the creative way. 

And hearing his wanderlust coming to the surface...I love it.  Simply love it.  I get this image of him someday, buying his backpack and waving good-bye at the airport.  I see that in him. 

Somehow I sense Andrew will be mountain climbing his way around the globe.  Parasailing.  And scaring the hell out of me on a daily basis.  We shall see.  But his face on the huge water slides...the roller coasters...I don't see this being the highest reaches of his love for adrenaline.

I'm curious to see where their adventures take them.  I see that sparkle in all three of them, in three different levels and stages, and suspect we might have bred three wandering spirits.

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