Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer List: 2010

Here's our Bucket List for what we'd like to do before our summer kicks the bucket.  In absolutely no particular order or logic, so anyone other than the author might want to skip this post out of boredom:

- Go to a carnival (check)
- Waterpark (check)
- Camp out
- Make sangria
- Run through the sprinkler
- Drive-in at Dad's house. Wear our PJs.
- Sell or donate armoire.  What about roll-top desk?
- Detail the Sienna.  Yikes.  Stinky.  Why?
- Spend most of the weekend in a bathing suit
- Go to a lake in MN
- Go fishing with the boys, other than just the cabin
- Pack in only carry-on bags for the 2-month trip.  Hah!  We'll see.  But I'm determined to try.
- Richmond Children's Museum
- Drive-thru zoo in Virginia
- "Real", the basket and everything :)
- Bike riding night at Botanical Gardens
- Take Steve to Mariner's Museum
- Go to the airport and watch planes take off
- Day-trip in August - Baltimore? DC?  Carolinas?
- Build that robot with Jack (Dad to help?)
- Amusement Park.  The boys needs BIG rollercoasters.
- Get a massage
- Jack to see Ironman with Grandpa (2? 3? I can never keep track)
- Catch fireflies (thanks, Kerrie!)
- Hotel with Steve while we're at the cabin - need to find a hotel!
- Fossil digging with the boys
- Hiking, hiking and more hiking
- Go up in a lighthouse
- Geo-caching or letterboxing?
- Knott's Island
- Chincoteague?
- Pick blueberries, blackberries, peaches or grapes (or all of the above?)
- What to do with Jack's Russian while we're away - Rosetta Stone? 
- Start watching Lost with Steve.  It appears we've been missing out all these years.
- Find a Sandbridge rental.  If not, North End? 
- Go to Disneyworld when I'm in Orlando for Convention. 
- More one-on-one time with each kid
- Bethpage with Margaret and Matt

Umm...there will be more, I'm sure. :)  I'm officially addicted to summer.

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