Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Had a lovely day at a pool party, until I carried out a bawling overtired Simone.  Funny how great parties seem to end that way.  So much fun (other than overtired toddler).  I am intoxicated by summer.   

Steve took the kids to the water park (yes, again) while I went and gave a final exam to my students.

Got home around 11pm.  My goodness, students take a long time taking finals.

Andrew got swimmer's ear somewhere in the last week of living in our bathing suits.  Poor little dude.

I suggested going to Greece for our 10th anniversary next year, and Steve seemed intrigued.  Good sign.

We are leaving town on Friday...3 days away...for 7 weeks.  Why am I feeling so calm?

I'm loving how light it is to pack for summer.  Everyone is fitting in their carry-ons so far.  It helps that we live in bathing suits (even if it does lead to swimmer's ear).

That Coke I had to keep me awake during the final exam appears to be keeping me up.  I need to think of something to Google.

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