Tuesday, July 27, 2010

And on the 39th day, they rested

The plan today was to wake up, swim in the pool in the AM, then mosey over to the zoo in the afternoon.

By some miracle of nature (or the fact that their section of the hotel room had no windows), the kids slept until nine.  NINE!  We went swimming, then came back up to the room.  Simone fell asleep, Jack crawled into bed to rest, and Steve fell asleep too.  Andrew and I went off searching for Trader Joe's. 

We didn't do ONE thing touristy today, and I love it.

I keep coming back to the maxim that life is about moderation.  Too much Busy and it starts feeling overstimulating.  But too much Downtime, and my children go slightly bonkers and over-corrects by having wrestling matches in the kitchen.

Somehow, we've found our groove on this vacation.  Part of it is finding a pattern that works for us.  Wake up and go out exploring somewhere new.  Push ourselves until it's clearly time to leave (mainly, how long can Simone go without a nap?) and then back to the hotel to swim.  Veg-out in the hotel room in the evening. 

This gives us the moderation on a daily basis - lots of activity we crave, but rejuvenating every night.

But then a day like this comes along and corrects any imbalance.  We really needed this day to keep things on the path.  It was time to rest.

We switched to this room for the last 2 nights of St. Louis, because we wanted a divided suite.  This much time on the road, Steve and I didn't like having to shut off the lights when the Littles went to bed.  But opening up the space seemed to bring back some balance too.  The kids seem calmer, more at peace.  Not so caged in.  Mental note for future trips, as the divided room makes a huge difference.

In other news, I did all the laundry today.  Lovely to have everything clean again.  Swimsuits wash up nicely in the hotel sink, but not so much the rest of the clothes. :)

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