Wednesday, July 21, 2010

One month down

I thought I'd be blogging away on our trip, with so many things to remember and cherish.  But for some reason, blogging hasn't fit into my travel-mode yet.  I go back to writing on paper, like I did on the trains while backpacking.  And taking pictures galore, as a small attempt to mark this marvelous stretch of life. 

But tonight, writing it here made sense.  The kids are in bed, and my heart feels full.  What a wonderful day with friends.

We spent the entire day at an old friend's house, meeting new faces and seeing ones from my other chapter of life. Fellow moms who helped nurture my new motherhood as I first ventured down this path.  Now that baby is 6 and there are two other babes who came behind.  And along the way I became Old School mom, offering guidance or thoughts to the newer moms.  Part of a big cycle of life.  Seeing these women who've known me through this chapter of life feels like coming home. 

And then, an evening at Panera with two marvelous women I'm proud to know as friends.  Talking about politics and anything else that came along.  They are brilliant women with sparkling thoughts and the hours flew by.

Family and friends and new places and filling our days with sightseeing and experiences.  This trip has been so many things to us. 

For one, it's a validation of Steve's life path.  He went back to school to teach, in large part to travel and spend time with our children in the summers.  And this is the first summer that we've really seen it come to fruition.  Those tough years of balancing so many puzzle pieces has now landed us into the life we love. 

No regrets.

We were driving down from the cabin into Madison, Wisconsin... and I looked back at the kids, all looking out the window at the farm fields going by.  The radio was on and the scenery was incredible.  Quaint red barns and so much green.  I turned to Steve and said: "This is what I wanted out of motherhood.  For our family.  And I thought I needed to go to Costa Rica to do it.  But here we are in the middle of Wisconsin and it's perfection to me.  It's about new places and novelty and experiencing everything.  Maybe it was never about geography."


"But I still want to go to Costa Rica."

"Oh, trust me.  I know."

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