Saturday, July 31, 2010

Travel Notes: St. Louis

Where to Stay:

Drury Inn.  Not super cheap ($169), but we had a 2-room suite and the price included breakfast and dinner.  In the end, the price was actually very reasonable for what all it included.  There was nothing we didn't like about the Drury line of hotels.  Steve is contemplating planning our trips around where they have Drury Inns. :)  I think it's the free popcorn on check-in.

Things to Do:

- City Museum: This was a huge, creative art museum for kids to climb and explore. I've never seen anything like it. There were little nooks and crannies everywhere, and the kids just crawled and climbed their little hearts out. We definitely missed a lot of this museum, but no one cared. The ball pit was a big hit as well. :) 

- Magic House!:  An amazing experience.  I'm a total nut over children's museums, because I love places my children can touch EVERYTHING and no one cares.  I have to say, I give my kids major credit for being skilled at art museums, where we "look with our eyes."  But to turn them loose in a fantasyland of child exploration is fabulous.  So stress-free.  Free entrance with Boonshoft pass, which made it even better (and we got to skip the long line to get in).

- The Arch:  Okay, this went terribly for us, but I know it can be a great experience - because I've been before.  But we were there on a Saturday morning (packed!) and it was 110 heat my two littlest were in tears from the heat and tired from walking.  We'd bought our tickets in advance, but it was still going to be forever to get through security.  So we ditched it and left.  We'll be back, and we'll go on a weekday when it's a wee bit cooler. I've learned that vacations going well is sometimes about what you don't do, and not just what you do. :)

- Grant's Farm:  On the list for next time, definitely.  Highly rated on Zagat's list of things to see, and that list hasn't steered us wrong yet.

- Zoo: We were a bit "zooed" out for this trip, but it's on our list for next time.  If we'd stayed another day, that's what we'd have done.

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