Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What I've learned this summer

(1)  That you can never have too many ziplocs or plastic utensils in a hotel room/car.

(2)  There's nothing better than finding out your destination city has a Trader Joe's.

(3) Drury Hotels ROCK.  Free popcorn, free hot food in the evening, free breakfast, and other stuff I'm forgetting.  But I'm easily bought with free food.

(4) Thank goodness for Google, as you can type in "grass-fed burger Madison" and find a restaurant. 

(5) I have really, really, really awesome children.  Like, REALLY awesome.  They are my three favorite little persons in the whole world, and if I have to be stuck with only a few folk in confined spaces for a coupla' months, I'd want it to be them.  I adore their boundless curiousity, their wisdom, their energy (usually), and their willingness to try any new thing.

(6)  Steve is a very cool travel partner.  He says funny things at the right time, watches History Channel with me on the hotel cable TV, and can carry a lot of luggage all at once.  Plus, he does all the driving.  I'll definitely keep him.

(7) We do not like downtown hotels with small children. You have to park too far away, walk across busy streets, pay extra for such inconvenient parking, and travel through a giant hotel to get to your room.  Suburban hotels are the way to go.

(9) Bring a can opener and a strainer.  And an electric skillet.  Eating on our own terms without hunting down a restaurant is a lovely thing, which lets us save restaurants for Fun Ones, like Ella's Deli. 

(10)  Do not make long distance phone calls from the hotel.  I suppose I should've learned this one years ago, when I made that call to Steve from Paris.  Whoops.  But I figured "how much could it be?" and then spent $30 for a fairly brief call to our parents.  When it was just because I was too lazy to go down and get my cell phone, this stings.

In closing, Jack's thoughts on travel:

"Vacations are fun because they're about surprises.  You never know what you're going to see or do." 

I love this.  And Jack: I completely agree.

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Hyacynth said...

1. Yes! I know, right?
3. This is how pick hotels. No lie.
4. My iphone has saved the day about 72 thousand times with Google.

Also, it was so very good to meet you in person finally. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and the next time you're in town, I'll look forward to catching up with you at a MNO. :)