Friday, July 30, 2010

When we get home

We're reaching that part of vacation where it's sounding nice to be heading home.  And that makes sense, as we're just a few days away from landing in Virginia Beach.  For me, it's just a 12 hours after I arrive, I'll re-pack my bags and leave for Orlando with the ladies.  Steve leaves for NASA.  And then on August 8th, we'll all re-convene as a family back home. 

Being home again sounds nice...even if "home" means a continuation of the tiny one-bedroom while we wait for our new place to open up in September.  Since it's about the size of a hotel room, we're not really craving the "more space."  :)  But there's something nice about feeling settled into a routine. 

Geography doesn't matter to me, but finding a groove feels nice.   We mananged to find our groove on this trip, which is why it's gone so well.  But I also see myself staring at my fall calendar, filling in the spaces, finding the pattern of our week.  Wanting the routine of being in our space, doing our regular things.  Spontaneity in smaller doses, I guess.

I can see our family exploding.  Goodness, I have TWO children in soccer.  Two of them!  Didn't I just birth them the other day?  Swimming lessons, possibly Simone too.  Andrew asks for karate on a daily basis, so there's that.  Co-ops and Russian and MOPS and other goodies along the way.  I think it will be good.  Busy, but we do well with busy.

I'm ready for the next phase.  We've done what we needed to do with the summer.  Memories galore.  The shutterfly album will be ridiculous. ;)  Now, it's time to move into Real Life.  Take the good stuff...the adventures and seeing new things...but settling into our space again.

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