Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ode to (rather basic) technology

I am in love with technology.  Yes, I know...I've just started texting in the last month.  And I have a full-blown laptop and no iPhone.  But even at the basic levels of technology, it's mind-blowing.

We have been stuck in almost-standstill traffic in Fredericksburg, on our way to DC.  11:00 at night, I should add...not because it's relevant, but because it's noteworthy.  Who are all these folks on the road with us?  Where are *they* going at almost midnight on Tuesday?

I digress.  You might notice I do that a lot.

Anyway, I was able to post my status update on Facebook about the traffic (ha!).  Write back to all my emails in my inbox.  Write back to Prilla about meeting up on Thurs.   Check directions on Mapquest since our GPS is on the fritz.  Answer my first-week student questions from my PPCC students wondering about textbooks.  And...[drumroll, please]....GRADE FINAL ECON PAPERS!!!   I'm ecstatic.   What better time than sitting in a passenger seat, stuck in traffic, with three sleeping children in back?

This situation would not have happened 10 years ago.  For that matter, even 2 years ago...back in the olden-days, when I had to hunt around for wireless at hotels...instead of my fancy-schmancy wireless card that warms my heart daily.

I freakin' LOVE technology. 


Julie Riegle said...

I SO agree and i don't even have a fancy-schmancy wireless card or even a need to have one! I just love that i COULD do whatever i wanted to do from the passenger seat of a car!!! How awesome for you that you can WORK and be with your family on a road trip!!! I freakin' love technology too!!!!

Sarahbeth said...

Julie, it really does amaze me. I wonder so often if online students realize that I'm grading in my pajamas...or at a swim lesson...or stuck in traffic. My in-classroom classes, I can't get away with that. ;)