Friday, August 13, 2010

To-Do List...and Not-Do List

I'm making some goals for our frenetic fall that is about to happen.  We'll see how long it lasts, but if I document it here then they *might* have a fighting chance:

- I will watch one documentary a week.  We just re-enrolled in Netflix, so I'm going to use it.  Starting with "God Grew Tired Of Us," which has been beckoning me like a siren on a rock.  I don't care if I don't think I have time...we always have time, if it's important to us.

- I will write more.  I am at my best when I write the most.  If I have nothing new to scrawl in my notebook, I'll just write memories - like the Pakistani escapade or our convoluted dating stories that still make us laugh until we can hardly breathe.

- Menu planning.  For real this time.  I liked our nightly themes last year (Monday, beef... Tuesday, fish...).  It was easy to follow and easy to buy food for an entire week.  Back to the rhythm again.

- More music in the car.  Beatles, Air Supply, Alabama, Simon & Garfunkel.  I love my NPR, and find myself sitting in parking lots waiting for fascinating segments to finish.  But our life needs more music.

- I'm going to register for the Wicked 10K.  If you've known me more than 5 minutes, you're likely laughing right now.  I don't run.  But I'm a believer in personal honesty, so I'm setting the bar low.  I just want to finish it, even if I walk or crawl my way in.  And knowing me, that's a possibility. I always assumed I married an Ironman athlete so that he'd fulfill our shared quota of physical activity.  But what if I could like it too?

- I am finding us a couples' bowling league.  We are going out on dates every 2 weeks.  Because damn it, we like each other.  And it's getting easier and easier to find those times together.  Our kids are needing us less, and laughing-until-we-can't-breathe with my soulmate is about the best way I could spend my evening. 

- I moved our family to an annual budget.  I'm paid on the most sporadic, almost-random pay schedule imaginable.  I never know when I'll get paid or how much. Between 3 colleges on 3 different contract structures, it's a mess.  But, we know about how much I make a year and Steve gets a steady stream.  So now we'll toss the notion of a monthly Excel sheet.  Why-oh-why didn't I do this years ago?

- More fun lunches.  I'm going to be Creative Lunch Mom, and make cool food for their lunch.  This might only last through September (if I'm lucky), but I have some big plans.  I want to be like this mom.

- We just bought Russian Rosetta Stone.  If we don't learn it, I don't see Jack keeping it around in his life.  And I can see how it's doing something positive for his soul.  Plus, I want to show my kids that you're never too old to learn a new thing.  Although, I'm feeling a little old to learn that new thing.  We'll see. 

So there I go.  I always did love fresh starts.

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