Wednesday, August 4, 2010

We are home

We're home.  Deciding not to stop through Polyface meant getting home an evening now I have 36 hours before leaving to Orlando...and not 12. :)

Strange to be home. And strange to have the realization that, in fact, this trip went beautifully.  We kept waiting, the entire 7 weeks, for when it would turn into a road trip disaster.  It wasn't possible to have it go that well with 3 small children.  Right?

And yet, it did.

I think in part it's because they aren't really all that small anymore.  I forget that.  No one is crying to nurse every 2 hours in the back. There's a bit of warning for potty stops (not always as much as I'd like).  Everyone can feed themselves in the car.  They have a concept of what "one more hour" means and can be bribed fairly effectively.

It's been a truly awesome adventure.

And now we're home. 

The kids have been running all over the place, picking up their toys and saying: "Aw, remember this one?  And this one?"  Simone showed me where she sleeps...the cup she uses...her toy bear she got for her birthday from a friend.  They're all three amazed by their belongings.  That they're still here.  As though they've been gone forever. 

In some ways, it seems that way.  So much has happened. 

But all of our things are sitting here like a museum commemorating 2 months ago.  Cups in the sink.  Laundry unfolded on the recliner.  Life waited for us, it appears.

It's nice to be back. But I'm ready for the next adventure.  Orlando for convention with awesome women, Mexico in December, Las Vegas at Christmas.  Last night I couldn't sleep, and I was researching hotels for the Yellowstone trip next summer.  Finding places for the boys to do fossil digs in Utah.

Steve said in the car: "I want to teach the kids that life can be an adventure."  I love it.

And I'm feeling inspired to make sure those adventures happen.  This's only going to get better and easier and more fun.  I'm only okay with shutting the door on this adventure if I know there's another door to open.

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