Friday, September 3, 2010

Explosion of personhood

I can't decide if Simone is suddenly talking more, or if I'm suddenly understanding everything.  But this is a conversation I just had with my 2 year old:

"Mommy, come here.  Come see something." She led me into where her GIANT teddy bear sits next to her bed.  "See this?  Is this part of bear dirty?"

I smell.  "Yep, something spilled on it."

"I wash it.  Will you put in washer?"

"It won't fit, Baby Girl.  He's too big."

"I spray it."  And she went to get the spray bottle from the kitchen, sprayed him gently, and then said: "Can I have a towel?  I dry him."   Then when done: "I clean my bear ALL clean."

There are so many elements to this conversation that I love.  For one, HOW MUCH can happen in 2 years and 1 month of personhood.  So many things represented here.  How she's learned to speak the language of this foreign universe she came into.  How she's developed a loving spirit that could fall in love with her giant teddy bear, and want to care for his well-being (and hygiene).  Her problem solving about what to do when he couldn't fit in the washing machine.  I'm baffled and amazed that my youngest child now dresses herself and holds conversations with me.  

There seem to be explosions of growth all over the house.  They are all eating non...stop.  Non-stop.  I'm barely exaggerating. Taking earlier and more naps. Growth spurting, definitely.  But then Simone is carrying on detailed conversations. Andrew is showing a huge explosion in fascination over reading, colors, and all the things I just reported he had no interest (ha!  I swear they read my blog).  And Jack's surge in detail of his Lego creations are blowing-my-mind on a daily basis. 

The payoff of how truly logistically HARD mothering can be some days, is getting a front row seat to this marvelous march of human evolution.  Watching them from the literal first seconds of life outside the womb...and then growing into fully-functioning, creative, articulate little persons.  To see them as fully-functioning, creative, big persons must be even more breathtaking.

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