Wednesday, September 1, 2010

So, so mad about being kind

When I hear scuffling and/or shrieking from the other room, I tend to just call out calmly: "Let's be kind!"  That way, I'm not taking sides or telling them how to handle it, but it's a reminder to shift behavior.

Usually, it works strangely well.  For now, at least.

Today, I heard scuffling/shrieking between Andrew and Simone.

Me, calling out from the bedroom: "Let's be kind!"

Long silent pause from both, and then from Andrew: "O....kay."  More pause. And then muttering to himself: "I am so, so mad about being kind."


In other news, we watched this video of Andrew about 20 times this morning.  Maybe 30.  Andrew couldn't believe he was ever that tiny.  For that matter, neither can I.


Krista P said...

Oh man. . . . That is too funny!!! "I am so, so mad about being kind" . . . . Sometimes the right choice hurts Andrew :) :)

Sarahbeth said...

Haha...I agree! It's a good life lesson, eh?