Thursday, October 7, 2010

Curiosity sounds exhausting!

Jack tends to ask questions in the car that require YouTube or Google for his mother to answer. =)  So he started carrying around a notepad to list his questions, so we can look them up when he gets home.

I thought he might like a record of his 6-year-3-month-old mind, translated from phonetic spelling:

- How does hair make itself?

- How do little cells crack themselves in half and make 2 of themselves?

- How was the first seed made?  Trees have seeds that blow out of other what about the first tree?

- Why do you write in cursive?  Is it faster because you don't lift your pen?

- How are eyeballs made?
- How does gasoline make an explosion that makes your car move?


1 comment:

Whittney said...

What a fascinating little brain, Jack! Great questions! We are stealing the idea, because Elias's mom often goes, "hmm, I don't know" too:)