Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hug your babies

Yesterday, I learned that Susanne and Craig's 2-year-old son nearly drowned in a friend's pool.  Craig gave him CPR to keep him alive while the ambulance came. After being life-flighted to a hospital, they are sitting with him while he's on a ventilator and not responding.  Now off sedation, he's starting to show signs of brain trauma.

My heart is broken for them.  I vividly remember us sitting at a cafe while we talked about our shared infertility... back before we each had 3 wonderful children.  Attending her baby shower before her first was born.  The anticipation of what children and a growing family would mean. 

Motherhood can bring all types of emotion that you can't even fathom experiencing.  The deepest love, the most mind-blowing frustration.  But she's seeing a side of motherhood I can't comprehend.  I have so much grief for her, for Craig, for what they must be feeling.  This absolutely beautiful, kind, wonderful family must be shredded with pain right now.

Today in a soccer game, Jack ended up at the bottom of a pile of children.  He was kicked in the face by another child's fall...hard.  His face is so swollen on one side that his eye can't open.  I took this picture with a webcam, because I don't have my real camera this weekend in Williamsburg.  It looks a bit better in this picture than in real life. 

Seeing Jack's face almost unrecognizably deformed is sending a primal chill down my core.  Right now, it's just a swollen face and likely a killer-bruise on its way.  But how many parents have had their child's entire life change course in that same length of moment - falling in a pool, a car accident, so many things that can change the shape of a life.  I don't normally feel so struck by the negative possibilities in life.  But today life is feeling particularly fragile, particularly precious.


Hyacynth said...

Oh, Sarahbeth and Jack! That bruise looks so painful. Is he all right other than the obvious?
I will be praying for Jack and your friend's little one. I'm so sorry to hear that.

Michelle said...

Oh Sarahbeth, my heart is broken for that family, and for you and Jack! I will go snuggle up with my babies right now. I don't ever forget how precious each moment it.

Sarahbeth said...

It's so painful to look at Jack's face, and I'm cancelling a few things for him this week so he can rest up and not risk another blow to the face. :) But he swears it hardly hurts and is being such a trooper.

He should fit right in at Halloween, especially now that the bruising is really kicking in.

No more word on Baby Ryan this morning, but he is in my constant thoughts and prayers.

Whittney said...

Teary hugs for you and prayers for your friends.

I can't imagine the pain and fear of that family. It breaks my heart to think about.

I do know the deep rooted pain that looking at your hurt baby can cause. I don't like being there. hugs hugs hugs!