Monday, October 25, 2010

The magical thrift shop costumes

The other day, Andrew and I were at the thrift store.  They were having 50% off their Halloween costumes...which in thrift-store-currency meant about $3 for nearly new costumes.  We bought a few for the Outreach Africa costume picnic and grabbed a Batman suit for the boys. 

Deng loved our Spiderman suit so much that I thought I'd go back and get one I saw at the thrift store.  We went right when they opened today, but Spidey was gone.  But, they'd brought out another we walked out with $30 of 10 costumes for the dress-up box.  A ninja, Buzz Lightyear, Megatron, Bumblebee, Green Lantern, and more I can't remember.  Oh yes, a princess dress for Simone.  Way too big, but she didn't care.

I told the boys we needed to wash the suits first, and Andrew said: "But I WANT my costumes to be dirty and have diseases."  Bwhahahaha!  I think this child inherited his mother's love of immediate gratification.  :)

I loaded them all into the washing machine, and watched as all three of my children peered into the front-loader window - watching the laundry like it was a riveting movie, for most of the cycle. 

And then they wore them wet.  No one wanted to wait for the dryer.  :)

I loved seeing how happy they were, going from costume to costume.  Jack even wore one to the library to meet with Gretchen. 

In all of this, there is the most wondrous sense of childhood to me.  I loved their grateful spirit about them. The excitement and joy they felt, even though they were from a thrift shop.  They didn't care whether they were new or not, they just wanted to have the magic of wearing the costumes.

And what I loved most was doing this for 2 little boys who said, when they learned there was no Spiderman suit at the store: "No problem, Mom, Deng can have ours."

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