Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Updates on Ryan and Jack

I've had a number of emails asking about Ryan and Jack.  Most importantly, we received an amazing update from Susanne and Craig:

Good, if not great, news this morning. They took an MRI this morning and it came back reporting only "superficial" oxygen depletion damage to the brain. Much less damage than we expected to see.

More importantly, Ryan has become much more responsive. He reaches up with his hand when pinched which means his brain is able to send specific response to local stimuli. This afternoon he has started to look around very slowly, and even smiled a few times!!

The doctor is saying he can see the personality in his face today, as opposed to just being a mask yesterday. The doctor thinks Ryan my make a full recovery after all.

I can't imagine anything more beautiful than seeing my baby smile, after a scare like that.  They're not out of the woods, but what a renewed hope they must have.

Jack is doing well. He went to co-op today, so it's the first day back into "real life." We cancelled our plans for yesterday to give him a calmish week. I had sent around an email to the parents with a picture of Jack, so they could prepare their children if the child might be sensitive to it. He IS a bit shocking to look at, definitely. I also let them know he was fine, even if he looked shocking. So most everyone was prepared when they saw him, but I still wasn't expecting such a kind and compassionate welcoming.

A few kids made homemade "get well" cards for him.  All of them were so sweet and warm to him, asking if he was okay and if it hurt.  Jack didn't seem sensitive about the topic or concerned about them -  I think he was expecting them to be scared or disturbed by his face.  But he felt really good about their caring, I know.

It's feeling like a very good day, after a rather overwhelming weekend.

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