Monday, November 8, 2010

Kung Fu Andrew

Tomorrow could be the turning point in Andrew's life...or a big fat nothing.  But he starts kung fu classes tomorrow, after asking to go to "karate kid classes" for the last year.  Yes, year.  Since he was 2, he has been begging for kung fu classes. 

And parenthood has taught me: When a child tells you something about himself...believe him.

This child is going to require a large arsenal of physical skills in his tool belt, I can see it.  If we don't give him arenas for his Big Energy, it could turn ugly. 

I've been counting down the days until he can take fencing lessons at 7, but perhaps this kung fu place will fulfill that need too.  They have weapons training there.  As he will likely tell you if you ask him anything about kung fu. :)

We interviewed with Master Lee today.  I felt like I was talking to Mr. Miyagi in person.  Wise, calm, unassuming.  And yet, he could likely reach across the desk and kill me with his pinky.

An interesting dynamic.

He said he normally doesn't take 3 or 4 year olds, but he would try out Andrew and see how it goes tomorrow.  He was surprised by Andrew's focus and attention during the meeting. Andrew...who normally runs in place if asked to stand still...sat quietly and patiently in the chair for a half hour while we discussed his kung fu classes.  He spoke rarely, and only to tell Master Lee: "I'm going to do kung fu and I'm going to listen really well." 

He was so enthralled by the prospect that this day was finally here.  I see this being a long and joy-filled relationship between kung fu and Andrew.

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