Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh yeah, Happy Anniversary...

We are wretched about remembering our anniversary. Both of us.  I was sitting with a group of women just yesterday, and mentioned that we always forget our anniversary.  And yet...STILL did not remember that today was the day until 10:30 tonight, and Steve had fallen asleep.  I woke him up to wish him a happy anniversary.

Here's why this is good news:  This entire day, completely oblivious to the fact that it was a Special Day, was still a special day.  The kids and I did Meals on Wheels this morning, since I didn't teach.  And we had an absolutely marvelous time doing it.  Steve got off at noon, and I asked if I could maybe lie down for 15 minutes while he doled out lunch.  Three hours later, I woke up. 

If I was going to ask for an anniversary present, this would have been it. 

We all went to the holiday lights at the boardwalk, and Simone was on my lap.  Andrew sitting next to me.  They give you a Christmas music CD that plays while you drive (2 miles an hour!) down the boardwalk.  Listening to the music, hearing their squeals of joy, and being there with Steve felt like the most perfect possible night that life could give me. 

I was acutely aware of how far we'd come (see next post), and what a beautiful thing we'd created together in making these children shrieking pure joy over the lights.  I really, really, really loved my family and the man who was helping me raise them.  And then realizing hours later that this was the day we were married just made it even more "right."

Happy anniversary, babe.

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