Saturday, November 20, 2010

What? No laundry-folding elves?

I find it interesting how, when I emotionally quit from a task, I can wander back to the task on a new term.  Case in point: I quit as a homemaker this week.  No more cooking from scratch.  Or more accurately: No more NOT cooking from scratch, but *planning* to cook from scratch...which means, ultimately, that there's no food around.

Suddenly, I'm finding the freedom to see the joy in moderation.  Instead of heating up leftover fried rice for dinner (as planned), I found myself putting together a sweet potato and bean chili to go over brown rice tonight.  The sweet potatoes were pre-cut, the black beans were organic canned, and the brown rice is pre-cooked/frozen from Trader Joe's.  So I still won't win any Chef of the Year awards.  But I was finding joy in putting together food again.

The twinkle of cooking joy hasn't been completely obliterated.  It was just out of balance.

How many times will I have to re-learn that joy only comes from balance?  Cooking everything from scratch wasn't "me" and neither was getting all my food from drive-thrus or after 10pm.  I'm somewhere in between...I just have to figure out the right proportions.

I am also actively making peace with the fact that elves will not fold my laundry.  It's not going to  happen.  Steve does help, but he doesn't need another task on his plate either.  The good man does plenty already.  I need to just stop waiting until Laundry Folding sounds super exciting, and just DO IT. 

Note to self: It will never, ever, ever sound exciting.  But yet, it must be done.

And's shocking how little time it really takes.  We have a minimalist wardrobe anyway.  The kids have about a week of clothes for each season.  I do laundry every day.  There's no reason not to spend 5 minutes just putting them away, instead of all of us dressing out of the laundry basket each morning.

Also learned: Sometimes the best thing to do is NOT to do something. We were supposed to go camping for 2 nights this weekend, and *very* last minute we decided not to go.  I looked around my family and realized the last thing we needed was more fun.  :)  Just kidding.  Okay, maybe not entirely.  Activity and fun and memories and such haven't been in short supply...peaceful calm in my PJs all day at home?  That's more like it.  There will be plenty of weekends to camp, but this wasn't the right one.

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